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Pittsfield, NH --- zip code 03263 - Click Here

Northwood, NH --- zip code 03261- Click Here

Northwood NH Pittsfield NH area barn in fog

Fog Draped Barn

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Join the late Toby the Poodle as we explore via the Internet and on-line text, graphics and photographs of central New Hampshire, specifically the communities of Pittsfield, NH and Northwood, NH.


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Paul Oman's personal New Hampshire site - which includes Cupolas Along the Suncook River and the photographic decline/collapse of an old historic barn in Chichester.

"There is nothing nicer than experiencing early morning on a bright summer day at a New Hampshire lake. My own experiences at 100 acre Harvey Lake in Northwood, NH illustrates that point well.

Mid summer in New Hampshire can be nasty. The humidity is always high and the temperatures are generally in the 80s. The dark thick trees and plants, along with the well insulated, non-air conditioned houses absorb all the heat and humidity and radiate it back at you by mid-day. Except for sitting in the shade sipping on some sweet ice tea, outdoor activities such as yard work or gardening can be most uncomfortable.

But lakeside life is much better, especially on the down wind side of the lake. There is generally a breeze, hopefully light and refreshing and not blowing too hard. This is in sharp contrast to the hot stillness found everywhere else, places shielded by vegetation and hillsides. There is a coolness too, given off by the water and carried by the breeze that is refreshing.

And in the early mornings the scenery is easy on the eyes and ears. No loud motorized crafts loaded with children screening in glee and leaving behind wakes to rock boats, slam against shorelines and ruffle the surfaces of where lake meets land. The mornings are generally filled with silently moving crafts occupied by a silent fisherman or two patiently sampling the water for fish. Ducks and other marine birds, often with their young swim by undisturbed. And on some days the cry and the deeply submerged body of a loon or two add to the landscape.

Add to that a comfortable chair on the shore of the lake and perhaps the smell of bacon from a nearby kitchen. The pull of the not too hot, not too cold, lake water with its rocky but sometimes mucky, watch your step, bottom is what summer down time is all about. Harvey Lake summers."

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Important Pittsfield NH community links

Town of Pittsfield official town web site (zip code 03263)

Globe Manufacturing (famous fire suit manufacturer)

NH Glass Sculptures (local unique garden art)

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Pittsfield NH - Northwood NH

(The Paul Oman Pages - more on Pittsfield - Northwood NH)


Important Northwood NH community links

Town of Northwood NH Official web site (zip code o3261)

Antique Alley (lots and lots of antique shops on RT 4 Northwood NH)

NH Glass Sculptures (local unique garden art)

Northwood Meadows State Park (free, 675 acre State Park - dogs allowed)

Pittsfield NH - Northwood NH

(The Paul Oman Pages - more on Pittsfield - Northwood NH)

glass sculptures

Visit our Pittsfield NH friends at

New Hampshire Glass Sculptures



Northwood,  NH History (copyright - Northwood Historical Society)


As explained in the Northwood Historical Society web site



Northwood – A Brief History

A small town in southeastern New Hampshire, Northwood was originally part of the Nottingham Grant of 1722 with the first settlers making their way to the area that would become Northwood in 1763.

Ten years later, Northwood was founded when its first settlers successfully petitioned the Governor’s Council requesting separation from Nottingham. Because this section of Nottingham had been known as the great north woods, the newly formed town was called Northwood.

Our first town meeting took place on March 23, 1773. At that meeting the town voted to raise six pounds lawful money for preaching, and seven pounds, four shillings for schooling. As the town grew, nine school districts were formed so that no child had to walk more than a mile to school.

Two years later, our first census showed a total of 313 people in town. By 1860, that number had swelled to 1502 and by 1930 we counted only 873 souls. Today, about 3200 persons are full-time residents with nearly twice as many having second homes here.

The first New Hampshire Turnpike was built about 1800 to connect Portsmouth – New Hampshire only seaport – with the state capital, Concord; it runs the length of Northwood. Now called Route Four, the highway has been a major influence on the town since it was constructed. Throughout the 19th century, our many early taverns accommodated sledge and stage passengers. In the 20th century travelers with speedier vehicles have enjoyed our summer boarding houses, overnight cabins, motels and restaurants. Other visitors, not seeking food or sleep, go antiquing in the dozens of shops along the road.

An important factor in our earlier history was the shoe industry, which came along about 1830 and flourished for the next century. At one time, Northwood had three large shoe factories. In addition, many local families, who farmed during the spring, summer and fall, spent the long winters turning out shoes and parts for shoes. As the demand increased, more people spent more time filling that demand. By the early years of the 20thcentury, the industry was dying in Northwood, but lingered on until about 1930 when the last shoe factory was closed.

Thousands of motorists each day see our town only as they hurry along our eight-mile "main street." Though Northwood is sometimes called a bedroom community, there are more than one hundred small businesses in town, employing from one to twenty-five workers each.

Northwood is proud of the nine lakes and ponds, which are either totally or partially located in town (Little Bow, Bow, Harvey, Jenness Pond, Wild Goose, Durgin Pond, Northwood and Pleasant Lakes, Lucas and North River Ponds). In addition our mountain views, miles of country roads, and many lovely old homes and public buildings make Northwood the perfect place to visit or in which to settle down. 


This information was obtained and in most cases directly quoted from the following sources: Northern Comforts: A collection of recipes from old timers, new timers, & summer timers of Northwood, New Hampshire(prepared to celebrate Northwood’s 225th Anniversary in 1998); The Northwood Guide (undated, but about 1950; published by the Northwood Community Association); and A Guide to the History and Old Dwelling Places of Northwood, New Hampshire, Written and Compiled by Joann Weeks Bailey, 2nd edition, 1992.

Contributed by Janet Clark

Northwood Historical Society home




Pittsfield NH History (copyright - Pittsfield Historical Society)


As explained in the Pittsfield Historical Society web site


Founded in 1768 by John Cram, initially Pittsfield was a collection of farms with several small centers of activity:  The Lower City, Upper City, South Pittsfield, Knowltons Corners and the Berry District.  Each of these places had a number of homes and some combination of stores, churches, schools and mills.  Within a few decades, the "Lower City" along the Suncook River became the dominant political, social and industrial center of activity in Pittsfield.  The town of Pittsfield, New Hampshire was incorporated on March 22, 1782 and its first meeting house erected in 1789. The first church was erected in 1789 in what now houses the present Pittsfield Community Center  The first school was constructed in 1777 near Catamount Mountain across from the Quaker Burying Ground.

From the very beginning, industry played an important role in Pittsfield economy.  Upon his arrival, Cram erected saw and grist mills.  About 1820, James Joy erected a scythe factory below these mills and in 1826 a cotton mill was erected.  In 1826, Cotton Drake engaged a shoe maker to come to Pittsfield to teach his sons how to make shoes.  The idea caught on and soon dozens of farmers and their families were manufacturing shoes in their homes. 

Between 1830 and 1840 the town population grew by 34.7%.  As a result, new homes had to be built.  To meet this demand James Joy and his successors at the cotton mill built a number of houses which became known as the "Corporation." Others erected stately single-family homes in the down area. 

With the arrival of the railroad in 1869, Pittsfield became the commercial center of the Suncook Valley.  Farmers brought their products from surrounding towns for shipment to Boston and points south.  The same farmers purchased dry goods, groceries, farm implements and other products in Pittsfield's stores which gave rise to a tremendous increase in commercial activity.  In 1924, the Suncook Valley Railroad became a part of the Boston and Maine system and continued to serve the valley that gave it its name.  The end of the railroad era occurred in 1950. 

In the war between the states, "it is doubtful if any other town furnished a more honorable list of men than Pittsfield, in proportion to the size.   Pittsfield sent into the ranks one hundred and forty seven.  Of these fifty-nine were either killed or permanently disabled;  more than 40 percent were casualties."  E Harold Young, History of Pittsfield

In 1870, Doak, Pecker & Swett erected a 30' by 200' shoe factory on Catamount Street near the railroad depot.  Later the factory was doubled in size.  Soon several other shoe factories emerged.  Most importantly, in 1879 "Riverside 1" was erected below the cotton mill on Joy Street.  It was occupied by C. B. Lancaster which immediately began constructing another building, "Riverside 2" adjacent to it.  By 1880, there were thriving shoe businesses on both ends of Pittsfield Village.

In 1901, Globe Manufacturing Company moved to Pittsfield.   Since that time, Globe Manufacturing has grown to over 180 employees and is recognized as the largest manufacturer of protective clothing for firefighters in the world.





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Northwood and Pittsfield NH local insights
Links and pictures -- Pittsfield, zip 03263 and Northwood, 03261